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Forex Trading Tools is a resource run by me, Carlos Oliveira, to  share with you the tools that I developed and that I use to help me in my Forex Trading. Hopefully we can all find success trading Forex.

Carlos Oliveira – My Story


I’m Carlos Oliveira, a husband, parent of four beautiful children, software developer, comic books fan and occasional gamer. I like to play soccer, read about Forex trading and to meditate. I live in the beautiful city of Leiria in Portugal.

My Background


I have a degree in Computer Science and have been working in software development ever since finishing college. In my years of experience I have worked for Investment Banking, developed Chat and VoIP systems for the Telecom industry and also worked in the Online Insurance market. Portuguese is my primary language, but English is a close second and I can also speak some French and Spanish if pressured to do so. As a disclaimer, please keep in mind that this website, its content and opinions are my own.




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  • Software Development
  • Investment Bank
  • Chat and VoiP Systems
  • Online Insurance Market

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